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Dreamlopments reaches a significant milestone with start of the M-FUND project!

Enrolling members

  • Our project is now a reality on the ground. On August 29, we started enrollment into the Migrant FUND. In 2 days, 60 members joined us. They’re spreading the word, taking appointments with our team to enroll other members. We’ll progressively extend reach in several communities with different partners.

    Partnerships for quality care

    • We have secured support from the Thai Ministry of Public Health to operate the project, and have developed agreements with private and public hospitals in Mae Sot to offer quality health care services to M-FUND members.

    Accessing needed services for 100 Baths a month

    • We're currently testing access plan preferred by migrants. People can opt for coverage of outpatient care for 60 THB/month (1.7$), outpatient and inpatient care for 100 THB/month (2.8$), and coverage of chronic diseases the 100 THB plan, confirming findings from our feasibility assessment in 2016. Upon enrollment, members can access services when they need them, People with existing conditions are accepted, asked to pay a little “entry supplement” and encouraged to bring other persons. One of our members was already able to access free care, to give birth in a safe environment at Mae Sot hospital.


    • We have received support from, and work in partnership with UNICEF, to conduct the pilot phase of implementation of the project. We have raised the capital of Dreamlopments, new humanitarian shareholders have taken participation, and we are engaging these funds. We conducted 2 crowdfunding campaigns where we raised 5,000 USD. We have developed funding applications, and are developing new proposals. We are inviting people from Mae Sot and elsewhere to become support members of the M-FUND, and contribute 100 THB/month to grow our pool and community. If you’re interested, please contact us.

Our team, and the M-FUND application

  • Our team in Mae Sot is now strong of 7 persons. We have developed our own secured web application for collection and management of all the project information.

C-FREE Project

    • We have continued to make progress in he preparation of the C-FREE study, our project of community-based testing and treatment of hepatitis C for people who use drugs. Access to curative treatment of hepatitis C remains very limited in Thailand, due to a pharmaceutical company monopoly and high medicine pricing. Challenges to deliver treatment to those most in need are important. We aim to address these challenges with the project consortium that we lead. We have secured funding commitment for the project, have completed the study protocol, and now prepare to submit to ethics committees.


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