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Newsletter December 2016

The feasibility study of our migrant health micro-insurance project is complete!

  • Our microinsurance expert consultant completed the modeling of the project financial feasibility and viability.

  • We will propose a contribution of 100 Thai Bahts (3 US$) per person per month, to empower migrants to build a financial pool of sustainable access to quality health care. We will aim to maintain 50,000 persons into the program by the end of year 3, and have designed and discussed with partners the package of health care services to be covered.

  • With support from UNICEF, we completed a new survey among 530 representative households along the Thai-Myanmar border, that confirmed the interest of most migrants to join this project, and helped to refine its design.

  • We continued to engage with the Thai health authorities to prepare implementation of this project through a public-private partnership. We are now concentrating on writing up the project detailed operational plan, our business plan, and proposals.


  • We received new funding, as Corporate Social Responsibility support from 2 new partners, EDF - the French electricity company, and HPT Ariane - HPT Consulting, that helped us finalize the phase of design of this project.

  • Upon completing proposals, in early 2017 we will work to raise the financial resources to put the project into place as quickly as possible, and will pursue to attract individual donations, institutional and corporate support, as well as private investment for an increase of the company's capital.


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